High quality  oil and gas products and services

Combustion Solutions  grasped how vibrant the industrial sector is and decided to add a revolutionary quality to the field.

The company was established with  highly competent experience  in trading and a skillful background in various levels of industries. It plays a phenomenal role as a  trading company in Abu Dhabi - UAE.

The company’s purpose focused on  heating heat processing , and  Gas Engines applications .


Combustion Solutions has been the most exclusive agent for the German DUNGS Combustion Controls in UAE and Bahrain, and the Turkish Gastech Engineering in UAE. With long-standing experience with DUNGS Combustion Controls over the years, we managed to expand our services as distributors to more than one region. Also, that gave us easy access to provide our services to Gastech Engineering and cover lots of industries.

Their contribution to the efficient and reliable combustion of gas and oil is for the thermal and process-heating sector and for gas engines, which are high-technology products and system solutions.

In the R&D laboratory equipped with excellent technology and standards GASTECH  research develops and tests all its products. The consequence of these methods is high quality in all products.


Our mission is to become a leading model in oil and gas equipment trading, providing high-quality products that fulfill the demands of our customers. Therefore, our team effectively promotes innovation and creativity to develop pioneering, productive and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Our management practices and controls empower us to guarantee that the benefits of our employees, investors, partners, customers, and society are legitimate and sustainable in our business.

High quality oil and gas products and services